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2020 Brand Ambassador

I am so excited you are interested in becoming our 2020 Brand Ambassador! Please take a minute to review the conditions of this position and then if you are still interested, please submit your application for review below!

Becoming our Brand Ambassador allows you to help reach women who are interested in boudoir but need to hear from a personal experience versus the photographer's side! During Ambassadorship you will shoot sessions that promote new settings or to help promote new studio setups at no session charge! You will receive 3 digital images for each session. Any further digital images or products are charged separate. As an Ambassador you would need to sign a model release for each session as well as understand that your images would be used for marketing even outside the VIP group such as Instagram and website. 

As far as what we are looking for? WOMEN! We want just you! There is no age conditions, weight or size limits (CURVES ARE ALWAYS A PLUS!), height, or anything of the sorts! We are looking for the real woman who wants to help other women see their beauty as well!

Ambassador Application

Please include a photograph with your submission!

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Thanks for submitting!

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